Carland Cross Wind Farm Action Group





Our wind farm action group was formed in March 2008, shortly after the receipt of letters sent selectively to some residents, detailing the so called 'redevelopment' of Carland Cross wind farm. To see a copy of the letter click here.

The two drop-in days run by ScottishPower, to gain an insight into public opinion, also added fuel to the fire!
 This event made it clear that ScottishPower's proposal would be better described as a 'new' development due to the massive scale of both the area and turbines proposed.

Although the development is for Carland Cross, there are wider issues and implications that are important in considering the acceptability or otherwise of such developments.  On our website we provide the necessary detail about Carland Cross and some of the wider issues to help you make up your mind.

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Carland Cross Wind Farm Action Group