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It will be the equivalent of a water company only supplying tap water when it's raining.

 Saiful Islam, U.K.

Frankly, when I fly over a number of European countries, the turbines I see do not fill me with envy.

 Nicolas Sarkozy, President of France, Oct. 25, 2007

Hopelessly uneconomic on any substantial scale, since it requires a conventional power back-up for when the wind stops blowing, forests of wind turbines are rightly regarded in most countries as an environmental monstrosity.

 Nigel Lawson, Time, May 21, 2008

They're just a symbol for politicians who want to be seen to be green.

 Ann West, Country Guardian, U.K.

Don't get the idea that I've turned green. My business is making money, and I think this is going to make a lot of money.

 T. Boone Pickens, The Guardian (U.K.), Apr. 14, 2008

They are ugly!

 T. Boone Pickens, The Guardian (U.K.), Apr. 14, 2008

It's not like riding a bike and leaving the car in the driveway .... Wind energy on the grid is more like riding a bike and having someone follow you in the car in case you get tired.

 Eric Rosenbloom, Vt.

The landscape is being raped with governmental collusion and fraudulent claims.

John Etherington, U.K.

Increased development of wind turbines does not reduce Danish carbon dioxide emissions.

 Flemming Nissen, Head of Development, Elsam, Denmark

Good winds coincide with neither the heating nor the air-conditioning season. Wind is a willy-nilly source of electricity, and as such is not very useful.

 Richard C. Hill, Bangor (Me.) Daily News, Dec. 24, 2005

These are not farms, one doesn't farm wind any more than one farms water in a hydroelectric dam or farms neutrons in an atomic plant.

 Nina Pierpont, Malone, N.Y.

There should be a presumption against wind farms in the countryside where their scale, siting or cumulative effect would have a significant adverse impact on landscape quality and recreational enjoyment thereof.

 Countryside Commission, U.K.

Soon we "celebrate" the 20,000th wind plant, without replacing even one single small plant of conventional energy.

Ferdinand Fürst zu Hohenlohe-Bartenstein, Chairman, Bundesverband
Landschaftsschutz (Federal Association for Landscape Protection), Germany

The larger the share of wind power in a particular grid, the more standby power will have to be available in that grid.

 World Wind Energy Association

Because of the potential to kill millions of birds from global warming emissions, we're going to kill millions of birds with wind turbines.

—Bob DeGroot, Md.


Carland Cross Wind Farm Action Group